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Air freight shipping from China to Stockholm, Sweden

Planning for air freight shipping from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, China to Stockholm, Sweden? Supertrans Lgistics is able to offer you a low rate on direct/connecting flight by working with the main airlines, such as Air China (CA), China Eastern (MU), Emirates Skycargo (EK). You just only send your requirements and details of shipment to us, then you will get mutiple air cargo solutions, as there are many flights flying there from China.

Shipping From China to Denmark

Air shipping Services from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, China, to Stockholm, Sweden

Air freight rate: USD3.05/KG (100KG+) ; USD2.75/KG (1000KG+)

Carrier: Air China

Route: Shenzhen/Shanghai/Guangzhou--Beijing--Copenhagen

Schedule: D2.5

Transit Time: Abtout 3-4 days

Validity: Jan 31, 2019

Air China (CA) has been operating the direct route between Beijing and Stockholm for decades, with two weekly flights. The non-stop flights dramatically shorten transit time comparing with other connecting flights operated by, such as EK, CX and so on. Most importantly, CA always provide a very low rate, mostly the lowest rate for the air cargo shipments from China to Stockholm, Sweden.

For help getting the best freight rates for shipping air freight to Stokholm, click on the link and complete the simple online form.

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