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Door to Door service by Sea from China to Australia

Supertrans provides door to door service by sea from China to the main cities in Australia with competitive shipping price and excellent handling service, we make consolidating containers every single week, then deliver the shipments to our clients in Australia in about 25 days. Thank to the intensive consolidating service, we make sure your shipments would be loaded into containers within two/three days after the goods reach our warehouse in Shenzhen/Guangzhou, never delay .

I: General cargo(no copy)

a) Garment, bag, shoes, leather case/cover, hardware, tolls, mobile phone accessories, computer accessories, LED lighting, cables, power supply, etc.

b) Electronics: Radio, Video Game Player, Small Fan, electric kettles, DVD player, etc.

c) Auto Parts: clutch plate, turbo sensor, brake disc, etc.

d) Watch, LED diplayer, GPS, Battery, tablet PC, etc.

II: Special Products;(no copy)

a) toiletry/make-up

b) lotion/body wash, shampoo, perfume/fragrance

c) Dry food

d) mobile phone/cell phone

III: Copy product

a) General cargo with copy

b) Special Products with copy: lotion/body wash, shampoo, perfume/fragrance

c) mobile phone/cell phone with copy

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